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Friday, October 28, 2011

This is why "Barack Hussein Obama Wins Re-Election"

This is one of the best critiques of the Republican candidates I have seen. He has obviously put a lot of thought into this. Bob is actually the kind of person we need in office. Someone with the sense to know what is wrong. Not someone that tells us what they think we want to hear.

Why will this be the November 3, 2012 Headlines?

The Republican Party and the American people didn't learn a thing from the 2008 Presidential Election. The Republican Elite which are true RINOs(Republican in Name Only) are more interested in the the party status and power in Washington than the American people. If that were not the case John McCain would never have been nominated. The majority of Republican voters are conservative and don't want a RINO in the White House. As the Media tries to pick the Republican Nominee the American people blindly listen to the mainstream media projecting who they want to run against their boy Obama, twelve months from the Republican Convention. The Republican Elite go right along with them so as not to rock the boat and keep the status quo in Washington. The American people are not stupid, but they are uneducated about the Republic (we are not a democracy) and the founders philosophy. This is thanks to thirty years of Government controlled schools and teachers union influence. Without a knowledge of our founding, our government and the relationship of our founding to gospel doctrine the average person cannot make an educated decision on how to vote. That being said most Conservatives are more educated than the average person and the Republican Party Elite is alienating the the 40% of the population that is conservative and the Conservative Christian Vote. If the Republican Party does not put the people first they will end up with another John McCain candidate. A non-conservative neochristian which will ensure the re-election of Barack Hussein Obama. Why can't Media sponsored candidates can't beat Barack Hussein Obama?

Herman Cain currently leads in the polls, but he is unelectable. You ask why. Herman Cain cannot beat Barack Hussein Obama because,

1. He's black, no black man will beat Obama especially without the Conservative Christian Vote .

2. He's not conservative enough. His 9-9-9 plan sounds great, but when you run the numbers most Americans taxes will go up. The consumption tax is a great idea, the flat tax is a great idea, but 9-9-9 will destroy America with out first totally eliminating the Income tax and the IRS. As long as we do not have a balance budget amendment the liberals and socialist in congress will continue to spend more than we have and the US will continue to decline. An independent analysis of his tax plan, released Tuesday, concluded otherwise. The Tax Policy Center, a Washington think tank, said Cain’s plan would increase taxes on 84 percent of U.S. households, hitting low- and medium- income households the hardest. The analysis said that households making $10,000 to $20,000 would see whopping tax increases averaging $2,705 – an increase of nearly 950 percent.

3. Cain is a Federalist, in the last debate the former Federal Reserve insider Herman Cain brazenly lied during the Republican debate when
he denied that he had opposed an audit of the Fed, a claim that was proved false within hours by Ron Paul’s campaign team.

4. He is not knowledgeable on Gun Rights and The Second Amendment. His position is Gun Control is a States Right issue. Gun owners trust his position on Gun Control?

5. Herman Cain has no real political experience.

Mitt Romney, It should be obvious why Mitt Romney is unelectable.

1. He's a Liberal, he's so liberal it's hard to classify him as a RINO rather than a Democrat

2. He's Anti-Gun , Pro Gun Control.

3. He's Pro Socialized Medicine, Author of Romney Care. Romney does not want to repeal Obama Care. Obama Care is bases on Romney Care and was developed with input and support of Romney aids and Jonathan Gruper, Romney's aid and confidant for Romney Care.

4. He's a Mormon, that is not a bad thing, but the Liberal Media has demonized the Mormon faith to where having a Muslim President would be better in many peoples eyes. Perception become reality in politics.

5. He believes in Man Made Global Warming

6 He is in favor of Amnesty for illegals yet he gives Perry a trashing on Immigration. He is a hypocrite. In the Oct 19 debate the most ` important part of the exchange between Romney and Perry on illegal Immigration, Romney said" You can't have illegal’s working on our property; I'm running for office, for Pete's sake I can't have illegal’s." The issue was how it would look for Romney, not the fact that he had Illegals working for him.

Rick Perry is the longest serving Texan Governor in history. He has made a number of controversial decisions that could undermine his ability to beat Barack Hussein Obama. He has changed his position on a number of issues in the past few years to become a dogmatic nationalist and a social and fiscal conservative and a big States Rights supporter. His hard stance on several explosive issues, such as abortion, firearms, same-sex marriages and capital punishment provokes a reaction outside of the conservative circles. Honest to a fault and admits his mistakes.

The question is will he stay that way in the White House.

1. The media hates him because he a Christian Conservative and he's from Texas.

2. His position on funding for illegal immigrant Education has conservatives split on Perry. The fact is that the Texas law says if you have been a resident of Texas for two years you qualify for in-state tuition. The law does not require proof of citizenship.(see below)

3. His poor performance in the debate format may be his undoing

Ron Paul Who the Hell is Ron Paul? The most ignored Candidate in history. The only true Constitutionalist running for President and he makes no apologies for it. Ron Paul has been cast in the role of the misfit, the eccentric and the unelectable; securely kept within the fringes of the Republican Party. The mainstream media shuns him and ignores his poll numbers. He believes in small governments, non- expansionist foreign policy, gold-backed currency, personal liberty and abolishing federal income taxes. He holds the most conservative voting record in Congress and he is also the biggest advocate for the dismantling of the Federal Reserve. We is the only candidate that would follow the Constitution to the letter. Has the "Restore America Plan" to balance the Federal Leviathan's budget in just 3 years and pay down the Debt.

His following is force to be reckoned with and will likely decide if the republicans win or loose the White House in 2012.

1. Paul first ran for president as a Libertarian.

2. His policies scare a lot of the Washington Elite and the Liberal Media.

3. He has some controversial positions the media exploits on a public ignorant of the Constitution.

4. He is considered the Godfather of the Tea Party.

5. He isn't physically attractive enough for some voters.

6. His isolationist position and position on bringing our troops home scares many people.

7. His plan to Balance the Budget in three years and pay down the national debt scares the poverty pimps and unions.

Michele Bachmann She is also smart, attractive, and telegenic. She’s got charisma, as well as sharp eyes and ears for the issues on which she can separate herself and the biting examples/phrases that will get her points across. Even with the support of the Tea Party it will be a tough Race.

1. She does have the support of Republican Elite.

2. There are some who are not ready for a woman in the White House particularly some of the Evangelical Christian and Muslims.

3. She has made some serious gaffes and misspeaks that the liberals and media will capitalize on and run into the ground.

4. The media and democrats are afraid of her and will savagely go after her as they did Sarah Palin.

Newt Gingrich Newt is a great intellectual thinker and historian. Author of the Contract with America. he is a great speaker and has a lot of great ideas, but he is un-electable in a presidential race.

1. Newt has a lot of personal baggage that will be drug out in a national race.

2. The Republican Elite are not behind him.

3. His commentary though correct is often divisive.

4. He is not a leader. He says the right things, but he does not lead men. This is evident by the troubles he has had keeping his campaign team together.

5. He caved and made deals with Bill Clinton that betrayed his conservative followers when he was House Speaker.

6. He believes in Man Made Global Warming.

7. He is pro-Amnesty for Illegal Immigrants

8. He resigned from congress amid ethics violations.

Jon Huntsman is unelectable as a Republican. Someone screwed up letting him in the party. He a personal friend of Barack Hussein Obama.

1. A former Mormon missionary , the Media will have field day with this.

2. High school dropout (he obtained his G.E.D a few years later).


4. He believes in Man Made Global Warming


Don't get me wrong. I think Ron Paul, Rick Perry or Michele Bachmann would be a huge improvement over Barack Hussein Obama. Personally I would vote for Mickey Mouse, the Tooth Fairy or maybe even the Devil Himself, over Barack Hussein Obama. At least we would know what we were voting for then. Republicans have to quit fighting amongst themselves. As Hank Williams Jr. said, Barack Hussein Obama is the enemy in this fight, not fellow Republicans. The Republican Candidates who have no chance of winning need to drop out of the race and the Republican Party needs to decide if its more conservative or more socialist. Ignore the damn media, quit the games, the life blood of our republic is at stake. This country is bankrupt. The world is at war. People are in the streets calling for violent revolution and the President and Democratic Leadership are encouraging them, saying they are behind them. Our borders are open to anyone. Forty-seven million Americans are on welfare. Forty-nine percent of American households pay no income tax. The federal government borrows $58,000 every second. Our economy is a shell game that will fail if it is not stopped soon. This is not the America I grew up in. This is not the America I expect my grandchildren to grow up in. We must return to our core beliefs, our founding and our God. If you do not fight in the realm of political ideas now, you doom your children to fighting in the streets.

B Sherrill Copyright 2011

Bob Sherrill

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