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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mayors using deliberate lies in antigun campaign

Mayor Bloomberg of New York and the leader of Mayors Against Illegal Guns is at it again. He and his minions, including Mayor Cownie, have decided that the best way to get their message across is to perpetuate a outright lie. They are currently running a ad featuring A American Al Quida mouthpiece telling terrorists that they need to go to gunshows and purchase "fully automatic" firearms. This is the outright lie that Bloomberg is using. Fully automatic firearms are strictly controlled under the National Firearms Act of 1934. To purchase a fully auto firearm, you must submit to a FBI background check that can take as long as 6 months to complete. Then you pay a $200 tax plus the cost of the weapon. A price that can run into the thousands. Bloomberg knows this and still continues to spread the lies.

Bloomberg's organization claims to be against illegal guns. There is no such thing as a "illegal" gun. Every gun manufactured since 1968 has to have a serial number. There is also a paper trail on every one from manufacturer to distributor to dealer to end user. There is illegal use of a firearm and there are illegal owners, commonly called criminals. What Bloomberg and company really want is to disarm every law abiding citizen in the country. They think that if only the police and military had all the guns life would be grand. Not considering that when only the police and military have all the guns, it's called a police state. Personally, if I wanted to live in a police state there is always Cuba or North Korea.

Everyone in Des Moines needs to be writing to Mayor Cownie and demand that he resign from such a anti American organization. His continued membership sends the message that he doesn't care a bit about the right of the people. He can be contacted here;

City Hall Phone: (515) 283-4944

Home Phone: (515) 255-3644

For the phone numbers and e-mail of your city council members you can go here;

Anyone that thinks this is strictly a 2nd Amendment issue is sadly mistaken. If they will try and take away one right, which one will be next? !st? 4th? Of course the 4th has been dealt a couple serious blows here lately.

Putting the blame for crime is a common tactic of the citizen disarmament crowd. Instead of calling for stiffer sentences for criminals let's vilify the law abiding. It's easier than changing the catch and release criminal system. Protecting our rights against these interlopers is everyone's business. It takes each and every citizen to maintain the Republic that our Founders envisioned.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Gunwalker, What was the real purpose?

It's been theorized that the Fast and Furious scandal run by the ATF was a ploy to secure more funding. This is a very possible reason. Of course some believe that it was to show a problem to justify reinstating the 1994 Assault Weapons ban. A ban that did absolutely nothing. In the ten years the ban was in effect there was no significant drop in crime attributable to so called assault weapons.

Assault weapons by definition are select fire. This means they will fire either full or semi automatic. Weapons that are select fire are highly regulated under NFA34. It takes a background check, a 200 dollar tax and then the cost of the weapon it's self to own one. Because of all of this regulation these things run into the thousands of dollars. Not something someone is going to use in a crime.

Back to the original thought. Both are valid points. They can point to all of the guns traced and beg for more funding because of the "problem". A side benefit is that they can point at the numbers and declare a problem that can only be solved by renewing the AWB. So a few hundred Mexicans and a couple of federal agents died. It's for the greater good. This total disregard for human life should infuriate everyone. We should be demanding answers and yet a lot of the main stream media is still ignoring the story.

Here's why I tend to believe that the major part of the plan was to reinstate the AWB. One of the first things out of Holder's mouth when he was confirmed was that he wanted to reinstate the AWB. He was quickly told by the WH to shut up. Then we have Obama himself telling queen Sarah that they are "working" on gun control "under the radar".

Holder claims he didn't know what was going on. I think he did and in fact ordered it to proceed. If he did, he is complicit in the deaths of hundreds of Mexican citizens and 2 federal officers. If he didn't, as he claims, He's incompetent and unfit for the job and should either resign or be removed immediately.

This could go as high as the Oval Office. If it does there should be impeachment proceedings started and remove Obama from office. It at least goes as high as Holder. Melson is going to testify and I would bet before he does that he will make some kind of sweet deal. I look for him to sing like the proverbial canary.

I also think the firing of Vince Cefalu was a very big mistake. He's been around long enough to know where a lot of the bodies are buried. I hope the other agents are watching his back. It would be a travesty if he had a heart attack or a fatal car accident before he gets to talk.

Every concerned citizen should be writing and calling your Representatives and Senators and demanding answers. Why was ATF allowed to let known straw purchasers buy hundreds of guns, even against the wishes of the gun dealers? Why did they allow these straw purchased firearms make their way across the border? Once across the border there is no way for ATF to track these guns. They could only track the ones that surfaced at crime scenes. Like the ones traced at the site of BP Agent Terry's murder. Also don't forget the murder of Agent Jamie Zapata, killed in a ambush in Mexico by the drug thugs.

As we celebrate today our Independence, Maybe take a moment to say a prayer for these 2 Agents and the hundreds of innocent Mexican citizens killed because our own government wants more power. Power they can only get by lying and trying to take away the rights we have under the Constitution. The Founders insisted on the bill of rights for a reason. A reason the people in power seem to have forgotten.

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