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Friday, July 10, 2015

ALERT: Mainstream Media Outlet Calls For Ethnic Cleansing of White Southerners.

The left has upped its anti-Southern rhetoric once again. Politico recently published an article that blamed the South for all the violence in America, and for impeding “progress” that would make us more like Great Britain and Canada.

 Susan Glasser, the author of the article, wrote, “The United States would be much less exceptional in general, and in particular more like other English-speaking democracies such as Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand were it not for the effects on U.S. politics and culture of the American South.”

Really? So what does she want to do? load us on boxcars and send us tot  he camps? The ones with the "special" showers?

She didn’t stop there. Glaser continued stating, “I don’t mean this in a good way. A lot of the traits that make the United States exceptional these days are undesirable, like higher violence and less social mobility. Many of these differences can be attributed largely to the South.”
 How many Southern cities looted stores over police shootings? If the South is to blame for all of America’s violence, how exactly would Glaser explain Chicago, New York City, Detroit, Baltimore, and every other major northern city full of crime?

Glaser then essentially called for the South to be cleansed by a wave of immigrants and liberals.
Yep, nothing like a little ethnic cleansing. Immigrants and liberals. Sounds like a target rich environment to me.

Read it and weep. Or laugh your ass off at the silly liberal.

Thanks to Madd Medic

Thursday, July 9, 2015

When Contempt Is Contemptable - Oakland Family Court Judge Gone Wild

When Contempt Is Contemptable - Oakland Family Court Judge Gone Wild

This is beyond believable. Jailed for not having dinner with their father?  Judges are immune to recall elections. Tar and feathers are too good for this liberal asshat.

Exposed: The Dumbest Act Of Anti-Gun Outrage EVER!

This is definitely one for the YHGTBFSM files. It's sad to think that there are people out there that are this stupid.

GunOutrage Link

There are dumb complaints from the anti-gun crowd, there are some really dumb complaints from the anti-gun crowd… and then there’s this complaint from Rita Richardson.
She was going through her Sunday morning circulars, and spotted something on sale at JC Penny that outrageously outraged her. In outrageous fashion, mind you. She was so offended, she contacted the press (well, one does)…

“I just thought it was sad that a major retailers like JC Penny would want its brand associated with something that advocates, glorifies gun violence,” Richardson explained.
The T-shirt in question.
Anti Gun

“I just thought it was sad that a major retailers like JC Penny would want its brand associated with something that advocates, glorifies gun violence,” Richardson explained.
Richardson says she is a loyal JC Penny shopper adding, “That’s why I read their ad and look for sales, but they could just give this some more attention.”
Well I would hope they would take it off the shelves, immediately.” But also says she understands young people use their clothing to express themselves, their values, but hopes if the store keeps the shirt, people will choose to wear something else.
When you’re done laughing, some points to ponder:
A) It has nothing to do with guns. Clearly. She doesn’t care anyway.

B) She calls “JC Penney” a mom and pop store. Not that it’s relavent to the national firearm discussion, just pointing out that Rita is an insaneperson.

C) She wants it off the shelves. Even though she doesn’t get the joke. I’m pretty sure she was notified of the joke, still didn’t get it, and decided that in order to save face, she wants it off the shelf anyway. I don’t know because again, this is an insane person.

Feel free to laugh.


Tuesday, July 7, 2015

90 Miles From Tyranny : Sorry, Slate: Oregon Did Put a ‘Gag Order’ on Thos...

90 Miles From Tyranny : Sorry, Slate: Oregon Did Put a ‘Gag Order’ on Thos...: On Thursday, The Daily Signal published an article about Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries (BOLI) Commissioner Brad Avakian ordering A...

I like this option.

Here's a idea, if someone doesn't want to bake you a cake, go somewhere else. Too many people are looking for a reason to sue. Get over your self.

The grandsons are here this week and with other things, I could be a bit busy.

Thanks to Angel for the funny.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

If I Were President

Found at Kenny's reprinted with permission.

I’m sure that you will receive a whole lot of idealistic papers sure to resolve all sorts of controversial governmental topics and the cure to our societal ills. I had thought along those same lines also. Then I read several articles how far the U.S. Has fallen in terms of freedom compared to other countries coupled with videos documenting the idiocy of the American public, who cannot grasp why they are celebrating Independence Day. Some commenters have remarked the often repeated the phrase “Our Forefathers would be shooting by now.” To which I have only one reply. “Our Forefathers would be done shooting by now.” If I were President, I’m not going to solve the ills that plague this country, I’m going to see them through to their logical conclusion.
“Every nation has the Government it deserves.”
-Joseph de Maistre
If I were President.
    I won the election last year, though truth be told it was never in question. After months of economic calamity after calamity, followed by the Great Crash during the summer of 2016, and the ensuing media ginned racial, sexual identity, and class riots; my slogans of Forward! Fairness! Equality! Unity! and Prosperity! have resounded with the dumbed-down American public. They had previously embraced Hope and Change so it was no great leap to get them to accept these overtly totalitarian banners. The press had been on my side all along, throwing me soft ball questions and fawning over my every move no matter how inane. I’m a person of the people. Sure, I started out as a white male, but my personal identity has evolved. Hillary Clinton was pushed out of the race when I came out as a bi-sexual black woman. Don’t laugh. That’s racist, bigoted, and infringes on my right to not be offended. You will be prosecuted and sent to a facility where you will atone and learn of the error of your ways. More to the point though, at that time just before the general election my personal approval polls skyrocketed. It was time for America to have such a diverse President. It’s my turn. The clincher though was my personal relationship with a certain globalist billionaire who has a penchant for collapsing currencies. He owns several shell corporations that own the newly mandated and easily hackable electronic voting machines. Those same corporations also tabulate the votes, which are then turned over to the FEC. They accepted the results without question. Rest assured, my friend and controller is going to amass an even greater fortune and power as a rightful return on investment. Hang on tight America, you’re in for a wild ride, I have a personally appointed Czar for every conceivable political position and bureaucratic station. They have had their pens and phones used to the point of absurdity.
    Thanks to generations of unfettered access to generous public welfare programs which have, by design, furthered the decline of the nuclear family; a media that has promoted any and all forms of deviancy and perversity as normal behavior; an educational system that has not only endorsed the same, but has willingly subverted excellence to mean teaching to the lowest common denominator so as to leave no child left behind; vast opportunistic governmental policies, laws, and regulations that have entrenched itself into every single aspect of it’s citizens lives; coupled with the societal hue and cry of multiculturalism, diversity, and Pcism which has allowed millions of unwanted, unneeded, and culturally caustic legal and illegal immigrants to invade without repercussion, my solidification of power was relatively simple and easy.
    During my inaugural address I had declared the Constitution outdated, designed by rich old white men, and racist. Thus, not being with the times it will have to be considered just an outline for governance. The Supreme Court, called that day into a special session, agreed then announced the Constitution a living document, filled with negative rights, and by necessity to be interpreted broadly by a 7 to 2 vote. The moment I took the Oath of Office I issued several Executive Orders. The first declaring Martial Law, followed by the right of Eminent Domain over all manufacturing production, water and travel ways, private lands, and agriculture. To top it off I officially and exclusively repealed any sort of Habeas Corpus. The public had no idea what it meant anyhow. Not that it really mattered. None of this was made public due to national security. I then immediately moved on to secure my stranglehold over the civil government. Using the 2011 NDAA I instructed the NSA, with it’s colossal power to collect and store any and all electronic communications to collect all dirt on members of the House, The Senate, and The Supreme Court. The corruption wasn’t a surprise, but the proverbial skeletons in the closet…what’s amazing is how they’ve been able to hide their wrongdoings from the public. Of course they did have some help from my predecessor, who did the same exact thing I did. I blackmailed them. Just about all of them. Naturally there were some who had clean lives, but they were definitely in the minority. Most of those didn’t need to be blackmailed as they were all too power hungry to go along with whatever I wanted. It’s wonderful what a handful of bacon wrapped shrimp and halfway decent Scotch will buy you. The rest were dealt with. Some had “accidents” some had trumped up charges filed, some got the message loud and clear and were allowed to retire, peacefully, out of country. The same process was repeated with prominent journalists, public celebrities/personalities, and the controllers of the hand full of media corporations. The FCC implemented “net neutrality.” Certain words considered hostile to the State could not be posted to the internet. Anywhere on the internet. Large sections suddenly disappeared due to technical glitches. To be certain, none of this was made public.
    The economic turmoil of 2016 had caused the dollar to collapse during the election year, as a campaign promise and economic recovery tactic I had espoused the donation of “free” Presidential smart phones for everyone. This I followed through on. Weeks after becoming President, the mailings began with an all out media blitz of great fanfare. The public accepted this gimmick as economically beneficial, soon everybody had a smart phone. Of course this did nothing for the economy, and of course this was not publicized. What was though, was the sudden rise of profiteers, speculators, and the wealthy taking advantage of the prevailing systems. I outlawed cash with the help of the Central Banks, all financial transactions were from then on to be done through smart phones. I enlisted my Congressional lackeys to pass and then, once again to great publicity, I signed the IRS Abolition Act. The public loved me for this. Under the IRSAA the IRS was rolled into the Department of Health and Human Services which in turn was placed under control of the Department of Homeland Security. Every single citizen, and non-citizen now receive an automatic weekly “free” stipend from the govt. Some more than others. Increased taxes have become automatically withdrawn from every single electronic action, which are gathered by the NSA, submitted to the HHS for medical approval, and turned over to the DHS for anti-state screening. On occasion a “domestic economic terrorist” is publicly denounced.
    The police, after years of accepting military hardware from the federal govt were nationalized without dissent after several well publicized outrages against minorities. It didn’t matter that the police were in the right. I gave a handful of well rehearsed speeches. The police needed federal supervision to correct their systematic racial prejudices. At that point I had a domestic force equal to the military. As a pay-off to the corporations that supported my presidential campaign all prisons were privatized and quickly expanded with provisions protecting their right against public disclosure concerning incarceration rates, conditions, and financials. In fact, they’ve been turned into forced labor camps. Nike, Apple, and GE will no longer have to go to Bangladesh for cheap labor. Broad powers of arrest and detention have been given to the DOJ. The DHS now says “If you see something, say something, get paid.” Those prisons will be filled shortly.
    From top to bottom the educational system has been nationalized. In practice it already had been, but I made it official. To be certain, the elites have opted out, as is their right. A new government approved curriculum has been declared emphasizing social issues; science, math, history, etc… has been strictly reformatted to fit governmental guidelines. Individualistic critical thought has been supplemented with communal consensus forming to ensue a fair outcome for all, except of course for the newly protected classes. All children are now considered property of the public educational system, run by the expanded Department of Education. “Give me a child when he’s 7 and he’s mine forever” is the new undeclared motto.
    All of this along with a massive bureaucratic issue of regulations designed to stifle not only free speech and public dissemination of information but, economic incentive and domestic and international travel, I have accomplished in my first year. It’s been a full court press that has left the public reeling. I fully expected there to be some sort of push back and even isolated pockets of open revolt. Those were all put down quickly, swift and sure with deadly force. The media, under orders did not give much attention to this with the exception of vague reports of “right wing racist terrorists.” The more publicized mass shootings, “racist” outrages, and riots have been fully orchestrated by the government.
    As of yet no visible draconian measures have been taken against the common man on the street. That’s coming. In the meantime, I’ve been making many public appearances reassuring the population that I am diligently working for them, trying my best to correct the failing economy, the country’s racial and social ills, and to mend the mistakes of the last several administrations. None of this is my fault. I’ve had no choice in the hard decisions that I’ve had to make. To my highly regulated and licensed detractors I have only one simple request. Please get to the back of the bus and let the adults drive. I won the election.
    This coming year is going to be a busy one for me. I plan on issuing an Universal Bill of Expanded Human Rights which will include such jewels as the right to housing and the right to a living wage, legalizing and promoting all drugs (maybe even issuing a ration), and purging the military of any officers whose orthodoxy in regards to my supremacy is in question. As long as the common man has his lazy boy, a six pack and a joint, and a government provided large screen TV, I don’t see any real resistance. Guns, you might ask? Pfttt. Keep on shooting, outlaws. Brass, lead and gunpowder, due to the Environmental Act of 2017 have been officially regulated as hazardous to the the growing environmental problem. I also look forward seven years from now when I begin my third term as your President, oh what glorious changes I will have wrought by then. Even better, when my third term is finished, and I will be about be begin my Constitutionally mandated and publicly celebrated life term, those children who have been in my educational system will not only have graduated, they will have been drafted into the reformed Inclusive Peoples Army of the United States, and from there the sky is the limit.
Forward! Progress! Unity! Equality! Prosperity!
Matt Remsing 

Gov. Christie Takes Executive Action Speeding Up Government Approval to Own a Gun

Trenton, New Jersey – -( On June 29 2015, Governor Chris Christie issued the following press release concerning self-defense and gun rights:
Acting on his commitment to ensure a fair application of the state’s gun laws that respects individual rights to possess firearms and that also protects public safety, Governor Christie today took action to make commonsense changes to New Jersey’s gun regulations that ensure victims of domestic violence or violent crime, or those living under a direct or material threat, have their firearms applications processed quickly and without delay.
The Governor announced that the Attorney General will file a regulatory change that will ensure expedited, priority firearm application processing for victims of domestic violence, violent crimes, or those who have a demonstrable threat against them, including those who are seeking to obtain or carry firearms for self – protection.
Read more here.

There shouldn't be a permission slip needed to purchase a gun. I guess the liberal asshats in charge are afraid of law abiding citizens. Yet every thug and gang banger in the state can get all the guns they want.

The Governor has spoken out about the tragic murder of Carol Bowne, a Camden County resident, by her ex-boyfriend earlier this month. Bowne secured a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend and filed an application for a handgun permit in April. Less than two months later, and with her application delayed beyond the 30 – day statutory deadline for its processing, she was stabbed to death in her front yard by her ex-boyfriend.

This is what all of the bureaucratic bullshit will get you, dead, in your own yard.  

Carol Bowne
Carol Bowne, murdered with a assist from the state.

Under the changes proposed by the Governor today, such an application would be reviewed and processed for approval or rejection on an expedited, 14 – day basis, if possible, if either of the following circumstances exist :
  • That the applicant has been the victim of violence or threatened with violence or a deadly weapon and there is a substantial likelihood of another such incident in the foreseeable future.
  • The applicant is living under a demonstrable threat, vis – à – vis court – ordered protection in the form of a restraining order or some other condition imposed by the court, restraining another person from contact with the applicant where there is a substantial likelihood that the applicant will be the victim of violence or threatened with a deadly weapon in the foreseeable future
Oh, you may be able to get a gun in a couple of weeks if the benevolent government says so. Of  course you have to prove to them that you are in need. 
When will the people of NJ stand up and say enough. They need to vote every gun hater out of office and get some people in there that understand "shall not be infringed". 

As for Crispy Creme, He wants to be President. So do I, but that ain't happening. 

Pete the Penguin

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