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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Movie my rear end

Adam Baren has a great article about the Yemen violence and most of it's root cause.

SANAA, YEMEN—As a mob of angry demonstrators descended on the heavily guarded United States Embassy in Sanaa, many observers seemed stunned into disbelief. The breach of the Embassy itself was unthinkable. And the sheer anger displayed by the demonstrators, even according to many Yemenis, was chilling. But even if a video regarded as blasphemous prompted Thursday’s events, the factors at play involve much more than a movie.

Here's the real reason so many Muslims are protesting and attacking our Embassies.

Beyond political issues, many Yemenis have expressed deep resentment over the ongoing American drone campaigns against local AQAP figures. While the Yemeni government has permitted the strikes, many Yemenis see them as an infringement of the nation’s sovereignty and a violation of the rule of law, and they bristle at the way civilian casualties are brushed off as “collateral.” Some Yemeni politicians and tribal leaders have long quietly argued that the strikes have led to a hardening of anti-American sentiment in Yemen. The recent deaths of 10 Yemeni civilians in an apparent US drone strike last week further inflamed popular anger over the drones.

Maybe there wouldn't be any collateral damage if they weren't the country with the highest rate of Al Quida hiding out there. If they want collateral damage, we could always carpet bomb the area like we did in WWII. Decimate several square miles and let them bitch about that. It's obvious that our "leaders" in DC aren't going to do anything. Embassies all over the middle east are being attacked and until they actually enter the building, the Marines will hold their fire. Even though the ground it sits on is US territory.

About the Author

Adam Baren
Adam Baron is a freelance journalist based in Sanaa, Yemen. His work has appeared in numerous outlets in the United...

Friday, September 14, 2012

Bracken: What I Saw At The Coup

This article written by Matt Bracken hits it out of the park. His Enemies Trilogy (available on Amazon) should be in every gun owners library. This is something that should follow the first of the series, Enemies Foreign and Domestic. I've read all three and can highly recommend them.

One of right-wing hate radio’s loudest and most poisonous voices was conducting an embarrassing public feud with our press secretary. The President had trapped himself in a seeming contradiction. The video and audio were both damning, and one must admit, very funny—if one’s goal was to make the President look and sound like a liar and a fool. The Youtube videos were getting millions of hits; the TV comics were not letting it go. We had been knocked completely off message, the optics were horrible, and our favorability ratings were collapsing at a crucial moment. (It seems like an ice-age ago when such trivialities actually mattered to me.)

I said something offhandedly to Dennis. “I just wish we could get rid of those bastards, once and for all.”

Could this be the future? I hope not, but I'm a optimist.


The local rag has a column called "Your 2 Cents". Where they publish anonymous comments. This morning there was this comment,

To the person who wonders why we Obama supporters are not using Obama bumper stickers: We are afraid some nut who is a member of the NRA is liable to take a shot at us. We will see you at the polls in November.

— We want to be alive to vote

I get so tired of all these assholes blaming the NRA for everything some nut does. I have been a NRA member for a lot of years and I have never heard of another member shooting someone other than in self defense. I have news for this turd, being a Obama voter isn't a crime. I guess he's afraid of what his neighbors would think more than he's afraid of being shot at.

The mass shooters from Columbine to Aurora weren't NRA members. They were nut jobs. These LWNJ's calling NRA members nut jobs are possibly projecting what they would do if they were armed. Should I be afraid of putting a Romney sticker on my car for fear that this asshat will take a shot at me?

While looking for some paperwork, I ran across a certificate the NRA sent me as a member in 1982. 30 years and I've never shot anyone. I guess I'm behind the curve. maybe I need to get out and shoot a few people to get caught up. Because as Mr. anonymous tells us, we are all a bunch of nut job killers.

I have no problem with anyone that has a different political view from mine. They are entitled to their opinion, even if I think It's wrong. For people like this asshole to lump all NRA members into a group and call us nut job killers is doing the whole membership of the NRA wrong. Maybe Mr anonymous should sit in on one of the courses that one of the many fine NRA instructors give. He could come away with a whole new prospective.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

No big sodas in NYC, Bloomberg says so

Caution, bad language ahead.

This article just raise my ire to no end.

NEW YORK (AP) — New York City's Board of Health opened up a new, experimental front in the war on obesity Thursday, passing a rule banning sales of big sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants, concession stands and other eateries.

The regulation, which was proposed in the spring by Mayor Michael Bloomberg and approved by panel of health experts after several months of review, puts a 16-ounce size limit on cups and bottles of non-diet soda, sweetened teas, and other calorie-packed beverages.

Bloomberg should be nominated for asshole of the decade. I don't understand why the people of New York City keep re-electing this turd. Some other things they have done.

New York City also has barred artificial trans fats from restaurant food and taken aggressive steps to discourage smoking. Starting this month, dozens of city hospitals are asking mothers of newborns to listen to talks about why they should breast-feed instead of using formula.
Of course they left out the part that formula is not going to be available to new mothers.

Here's a idea Bloomy, stay the fuck out of my life. If I want a 44oz drink from the local stop and rob, It's none of your business. Hell, you've even made it illegal to eveo have a ashtray in a business. You banned trans-fats and cigarettes and you're trying to disarm every law abiding citizen in the country. Who put you in charge? You are the Mayor of New York City, not the supreme commander of the country. You should be more concerned with the criminals in your own organization Mayors Against illegal All Guns. Seems a bunch of them are either in jail or headed that way.

I don't know who to credit, but a great person once said, why? because fuck you, that's why.

Assault on the Second Amendment

Check out this new movie project.
If you can help at all, please do.

When the subject of California’s gun control laws are discussed, rarely are they associated with the civil rights movement and the quest for equal rights for all. This film will compare the historical aspects of gun control targeting the indigenous tribes of North America and emancipated slaves through the Jim Crow era to today’s laws that favor elitists and denies the rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment to the most vulnerable in our society.

H/T to David Codrea

Monday, September 10, 2012

Another criminal mayor

Here is a post from last year that has a rundown of all of Bloombers Mayors Against Illegal All Guns that have been removed or left office for their criminal activities. Well, we can add another fine example of humanity to the list. Trenton New Jersey Mayor Tony Mack along with his brother and several "contributors" are now in FBI custody for corruption.

In Mack's first year in office in Trenton, a city of 85,000, he ran through a string of business administrators. The first resigned after a month, saying the mayor didn't believe in "good government." Another resigned just ahead of pleading guilty to embezzlement at another job.

Mack's housing director quit after it emerged that he had a theft conviction. His chief of staff was arrested trying to buy heroin. His half-brother, whose authority he elevated at the city water plant, was arrested on charges of stealing
Read the whole sordid story here.

These are the people that want to restrict our rights while they pillage and rob. Bloomberg Needs to quit worrying about what we are doing out here in flyover country and instead, worry about that piss hole he's in charge of. If the people of NYC want his kind of control they are welcome to it. He can leave us alone and worry about drink size and trans-fats until his heart's content.

Be sure to remember that two of Iowa's Mayors belong to this cabal of criminals. The Mayor's of Des Moines and Cedar Rapids are both members. I have written to our Mayor here in the capital city to no avail. All of my e-mails have been ignored. Maybe I'll send him the links to all of his brethren that have been arrested and jailed. Of course getting a gun hater to see the light is kind of like getting a new puppy not to pee in the floor.

Mayors against illegal guns are such fine citizens.
Mayor Bloomberg and his bunch of misguided anti-gun useful idiots are proving to the world what wonderful citizens they are.

The latest fine Mayor, Mayor Richard Corkery of Coaldale, Pennsylvania has been arrested on 28 counts of possession of child pornography. Pictures of underage boys were found on his computer.

This brings to at least 12 of Bloomy's group that have either been charged or are serving time for the crimes they have committed.

Shall we look at the list. Let's start in my home state of Michigan.

Kwame Kilpatrick, Former mayor of Detroit.
Charges: Perjury, obstruction of justice, and misconduct in office. Later, re-arrested on two counts of felonious assault on officers. Jailed for violating conditions of bond.

Outcome: Guilty plea to two counts of perjury and one of assault on an officer. Sentenced to four months in jail and five years of probation.

Shiela Dixon, City: Baltimore, Maryland

Status: Current member, despite felony conviction, of Mayors Against Illegal Guns. She hosted Mayor Bloomberg at its 2008 regional summit.

Charges: Fraud, perjury, embezzling gift cards meant for the poor; investigated for receiving thousands of dollars in illicit gifts.

Outcome: Awaiting sentencing after being convicted of embezzlement and pleading guilty to perjury.

Eddie Perez, City: Hartford, CT.

Status: current member of Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Charges: bribery, fabricating evidence, conspiracy. Arrested a second time, on extortion charges.

Resolution: Awaiting trial.

Gary Becker, City: Racine, Wisconsin

Status: Former member, Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Charges: Possession of child pornography, showing pornography to a child, sexual assault on a child, enticing children, and lesser felonies,

Resolution: Plea of guilty to sexual assault on a child and child enticement. Awaiting sentencing.

April Almon, City: New Haven, Connecticut

Status: Current Member, Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Charge: Interfering with police officers.

Outcome: Awaiting trial.

Memorable Quote: "Well, now, I will tell you and I will have this talk with the Chief, but I have f__king had it with Officer Sorbo playing cute down here at the beach."

David Delle Donna, City: Guttenberg, New Jersey

Status: Former member, Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Charges: Extortion, mail fraud, tax evasion

Outcome: Convicted of extortion and tax fraud. Sentenced to four years' imprisonment.

Frank Melton, City: Jackson, Mississippi

Status: Former member, Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Charges: Conspiracy to violate civil rights (by tearing down a person's house), commission of a violent crime while possessing a handgun

Outcome: First trial ended in a hung jury. He died a few days before the retrial.

Amusing event: In 2006, the same year he joined Mayors Against Illegal Guns, he was convicted of violating a "gun free school zone" law and bans on carrying guns in church.
Can you say hypocrite.

Samuel Rivera, City: Passaic, New Jersey

Status: Former member, Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Charges: Many: before taking office, convicted of covering up a homicide. After, indicted for extortion and taking a bribe.

Outcome: Plea of guilty, sentence of 21 months' imprisonment.

Will Wynn, City: Austin, Tx.

Status: Former member, Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Charge: Assault

Outcome: Guilty plea. Sentenced to community service.

Jeremiah Healy, City: Jersey City, New Jersey

Status: Current member, Mayors Against Illegal Guns

Charges and Outcomes: Quite a rap sheet. In 1999, convicted of disorderly conduct. In 2007, convicted of resisting arrest. Presently, he is a suspect in an official corruption probe.

Larry Langford, City: Birmingham, Alabama

Status: Former member, Mayors Against Illegal Guns.

Charges: Indicted on 101 counts of bribery, fraud, money laundering and tax evasion.

Outcome: Convicted on 60 felony counts; awaiting sentencing.

This is a really fine bunch our Mayor has decided to affiliate himself with. He should resign immediately and put as much distance from them as possible. Anything else is showing support for the lawbreakers that want us under their thumb.

ATF’s Rule Of Three Strategies And Double-Dipping Rewards

You sometimes meet the most interesting people at the gun range. Recently, I initiated a conversation with a fellow who turned out to be a retired ATF agent. Naturally, I brought up the subject of the foul operation known as Fast and Furious. To my surprise, this fellow stated that an operation such as Fast and Furious is just one part of a 3-part ongoing procedure. Fast and Furious, according to this retired ATF agent, was developed to discredit firearms dealers. If guns purchased in the US “walked” across the southern border and wound up in the hands of drug cartel members, then ATF would have cause to put even more restraints on firearms retailers while at the same time giving the ignorant public a poisoned view of gun shops and gunsmiths.

Go read the rest. The ATF is not your friend and the anti gunners that say they are, are just spreading the lie. Most gun rights activists (those of us that actually think instead of parrot) have known all along that F&F was about more "under the radar" gun control. The Naysayers that tell you Obama isn't anti gun are also lying. "Well, he signed a law to allow concealed carry in National parks". Of course he did, It was tied to a credit card bill that he would have danced naked in the street for.

This administration is and has always been one of the most gun unfriendly ever. Anyone that thinks different is fooling themselves.

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